The distance came the sound of the pace of light, so her extraordinary deportment, always with a touch of elegance in conversation smile, if a woman says her perfect interpretation of the most beautiful moment, really is not an exaggeration. She is Nancy- Caijia Rong.

Perfect balance and love life. Marriage and work on the road, [very lucky to have her in-laws and her mother to help with the baby, I was a love of life and work of the people. ] Many early as novice parents of the young couple, vulnerable baby and dispute, but Nancy is no exception, she said he is a big nerve bar, while her husband is part of tension-type, but after the run-through of a lot better. [We want, if possible, be able to eat at least a week to see a movie together again. ]. After two world production is still necessary to maintain, emotional support between husband and wife is very important.

Unexpected little surprise is not within the plan. About the project is not within the recent unexpected little surprise, Nancy frankly, that just when the baby, little bit of melancholy, because the sudden surprise, upset all the original plan, but soon to adapt good mood, waiting the baby's arrival. [Marriage husband will help take care of the children, basically as long as I would ask him to do, he considered tactful (laughs). ]

Pregnant woman beautiful? Confidence should not change because of pregnancy. Everyone says the most beautiful pregnant woman, and gave pregnant women is fat, ugly, no need to dress up misconceptions. [During pregnancy as well as listen to a gynecologist father's words, because the father is also a doctor, so basically as long as they agree, in fact, that can be done. ] Forward thinking Nancy let everyone know, in fact, pregnant women can also be pretty, [work, like to wear high heels, but will not stand more than two hours, or will make, maintain their own past is very important. ]

Distinct from conventional novice Mummy, calm mother mode. Conversation, you can clearly feel, Nancy is a calm mother, for child care also has its own set of consistent is it slow, difficult to see that she was inexperienced mother. [Tristan is a calm baby, rarely crying, he does not love taking pictures, one can see the lens will escape, I often need while holding a cell phone while skimming next to go tease him, he can capture the most natural picture. ]


Diet diet, maintain a good figure tips. Visually, you really can not imagine she was a novice Mummy. U is how to restore such good shape? [I'll go to the gym, have invited the coach, I think this is better, sculpture quickly their body so that they look more solid, but exercise can maintain a good mood. ], Slender limbs, she is a typical dessert control, [diet is not for diet, maintain a good body movement in addition to the secret is to feel full do not eat at night to eat less starch, not late night. ]

To create the perfect outfit need not be high-priced. Often share the fans outfit Nancy has its own set of mix and match criteria [fact, I buy clothes price range is very wide, high parity price is acceptable, there is no particular favorite brand, think for themselves, like will be able to accept. Usually like to buy racket, with the baby because time is relatively not enough, so the racquet for me the most convenient. ] Aesthetics keen for her perfectly proportioned camera is exquisite, [waist up shot, the camera lens in which the toes of which, such Paitui will look very long, the ratio will be good. ]

About the future, 80% of the share principle. Whether live or work, adhere to a 80% sure will share the principles [for the future want to do, that was not ready, so it is still a secret (laughs), ready to want to share. ] This responsible attitude, people really look forward to her subsequent development.


As the saying goes seriously the most beautiful woman, dedicated work attitude, perfect wife, careful mother, the perfect attitude to life, I think that's richest woman, she is none other than the non. To marriage and work just perfect, is not a simple thing, in Nancy who I saw her passion for life, whether external or internal, to maintain the original own Xiangdangzhongyao.

About Nancy

Enjoy, when a woman's pleasure. Share beautiful little secret.
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